A podcast interview with Greg McKenna, Head of the Biathlon Integrity Unit

What is the BIU’s mandate? What is the relationship between the BIU and the International Biathlon Union? Is maintaining integrity in biathlon solely the job of the BIU? How can athletes and others in the biathlon community support the work of the BIU?

There’s a possible misconception that the BIU’s work is almost exclusively concerned with anti-doping testing. In this podcast interview, Greg McKenna, Head of the BIU, seeks to dispel that myth by answering the questions listed above.

The truth is that there’s much more to the BIU’s work than testing. As Greg explains, the BIU seeks to support the biathlon family in protecting the integrity of the sport – and, alongside that, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of participants.

In the interview, Greg also:

·         explains how the BIU handles sensitive information it receives from the biathlon community

·         describes the BIU’s confidential whistleblowing process

·         explains the important role that whistleblowers can play in safeguarding

·         and describes the increasing importance of investigations in discovering and prosecuting wrongdoing in biathlon.

Click here to listen to the interview.