The Biathlon Integrity Unit is an operationally independent and specialised unit of the International Biathlon Union. It was established in order to ensure all of Biathlon’s stakeholders can have confidence that ethical issues in the sport will be addressed independently and expertly.

The Biathlon Integrity Unit handles all integrity-related matters in Biathlon, including anti-doping, ethical breaches, betting-related issues and any kind of result manipulation. It protects the integrity of the sport by investigating and prosecuting violations; strengthening the capacity to prevent potential future wrongdoing; and ensuring the International Biathlon Union complies with its obligations under the World Anti-Doping Code, the IBU Consitution and the IBU Rules.

Our Vision

To protect the integrity of Biathlon and ensure a clean and trusted sport.

Our Mission

To earn the confidence, respect and support of the Biathlon family through the effective promotion and enforcement of the Integrity Code, and by consistently delivering education, investigation and anti-doping programmes at the highest level.

Our Board

Louise Reilly

Chair of the Integrity Unit

Louise Reilly is an Irish barrister specialising in sports law and international arbitration, with extensive experience in relation to sports integrity matters (including anti-doping) and governance.

Markus Hauptmann

Executive Board Member

Markus Hauptmann is a German attorney at law, former partner at leading international law firm White & Case and former founding board member of the German National Anti-Doping Agency.

Alex Marshall

Executive Board Member

Alex Marshall is the Head of the Anti-Corruption Unit of the International Cricket Council, which focuses on preventing corruption in world cricket through education, investigation and prosecution.

Dr. Franz Steinle

Executive Board Member

Dr. Franz Steinle is an IBU Executive Board Member, President of the German Ski Federation and former judge of Stuttgart’s high state court, serving as a link between the IBU and Biathlon Integrity Unit Board.

What Our Athletes Say

Clare Egan

US biathlete and Chair of the IBU Athletes’ Committee

“The Integrity Unit gives athletes confidence that our sport is fair, that we are safe, and that any question of integrity will be thoroughly and independently investigated. It gives us peace of mind so we can focus on our jobs.”

Daniel Böhm

Former German biathlete and IBU Sports Manager

“From my experience as an athlete and now working with the IBU, I cannot overstate the importance of a clean and fair sport. The Integrity Unit is integral to strengthening the trust and confidence in the integrity of Biathlon.”