Two incidents that the BIU has dealt with in recent months have underlined the importance of respecting biathlon’s rules in order to maintain the sport’s integrity.

In one case, an Athlete Support Personnel member participated at an IBU World Cup event using false accreditation.

This issue presents safety and security risks to the wider biathlon family, especially in a sport where firearms are included. It is imperative that access to competition areas is properly controlled.

Consequently, the BIU recommended sanctions for both the Athlete Support Personnel member and the athlete whose accreditation he attempted to misuse, as well as for the national member federation concerned.

In the second case, a rifle containing live ammunition was negligently fired in an athlete’s hotel room (albeit no one was injured) during what was intended as a ‘dry firing’ drill.

It is imperative that safety issues or violations are reported swiftly to an International Biathlon Union official or the BIU.

The BIU recommended sanctions for both the athlete and the national member federation concerned.

In both cases, athletes, support personnel and federations all co-operated in the investigations that followed the incidents and accepted the sanctions without complaint. 

Adherence to rules during biathlon competitions is crucial, not only to maintain the integrity and fairness of the sport but also to prevent the necessity for disciplinary actions. By promptly reporting any irregularities or concerns to the BIU or any onsite IBU official, we can ensure that matters are addressed swiftly and effectively. Early reporting can mitigate issues, potentially leading to a resolution that may not require sanctions, thereby preserving the sporting spirit and reputation of all involved parties.

If you are unsure, always report an issue to the BIU at or directly through our anonymous reporting portal: