“Be your own best friend”, says BIU athlete ambassador Chloe Levins.

With the new season fast approaching, the BIU spoke to its recently-appointed athlete ambassador, USA’s Chloe Levins, about preparing mentally and physically for the demands ahead, in its latest podcast interview.

Chloe has some great advice about eating healthily, the use of techniques such as visualisation, and how to avoid illnesses, such as cold and infections, when travelling to races.

Chloe also emphasises the importance for mental health of being able to switch off from racing. She herself makes sure that she always travels with a book to read, and stresses the value of meditative practices, whether it’s knitting or playing an instrument.

She concludes with this valuable tip for young athletes: “Frustration really is the thief of growth: it’s better to be your own best friend than your own worst critic in a sport like biathlon”.

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