Salzburg, Austria – October 31, 2022 – The Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) announced today that Markus Hauptmann, BIU Board Member, has resigned as a member of the BIU Board effective October 31, 2022. 

Since the creation of the Biathlon Integrity Unit in 2019, Markus has provided valuable insight and wise guidance as one of the three independent voting members of the BIU. The Unit was established as part of the major governance reform undertaken by the IBU in response to a crisis in the sport. Markus helped to set up the Unit as a professional entity, capable of discharging its important new functions in protecting the integrity of the sport. In addition to his wider governance responsibilities, Markus oversaw the financial planning for the BIU.

IBU President Olle Dahlin commented that “Markus has been a much-valued member of the inaugural BIU Board and we are grateful to have had him play a significant role in the BIU’s development”. 

Louise Reilly, Chair of the BIU Board, added “We are indebted to Markus for what has been a very successful professional relationship and he leaves with our sincere gratitude for his valuable input and the considerable contribution he has made to the BIU Board over the past three years.” 

About the Biathlon Integrity Unit

The Biathlon Integrity Unit is an operationally independent and specialised unit of the International Biathlon Union. It was established in order to ensure all of Biathlon’s stakeholders can have confidence that ethical issues in the sport will be addressed independently and expertly.

The Biathlon Integrity Unit handles all integrity-related matters in Biathlon, including anti-doping, ethical breaches, betting-related issues and any kind of result manipulation. It protects the integrity of the sport by investigating and prosecuting violations; strengthening the capacity to prevent potential future wrongdoing; and ensuring the International Biathlon Union complies with its obligations under the World Anti-Doping Code, the IBU Constitution and the IBU Rules.