The Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) is pleased to announce that the International Testing Agency (ITA) will host the first session of its 2021 ITA Educational Webinar Series, which will be available for biathletes and their support personnel next week. The debut session of 2021 will take place on Thursday 28 January from 14.00 – 15.30 CET. 
The Webinar, which follows on from a successful pilot series held by the ITA last year, will offer biathletes and members of their entourage – whether they be coaches, parents, doctors, or others – an opportunity to learn how to navigate the anti-doping system. 
In Thursday’s session, biathletes and support members will have the opportunity to hear from the Director of Education for the recently-formed Sport Integrity Australia, Alexis Cooper; three-time Team Canada Olympian in the Bobsleigh, Neville Wright; and the ITA’s Education Manager and former Olympian Olya Abasolo Ovtchinnikova. The 90-minute webinar will provide the chance to hear from the three experts and also ask questions of them to further your anti-doping knowledge. 
“At the BIU, we know that anti-doping rules and regulations can often be hard to understand, however all biathletes and support persons have a responsibility to know the system and understand how it is there to protect them. This webinar with the ITA is an excellent occasion to engage on the topic and bolster knowledge about the ins and outs of the anti-doping system,” said BIU Head, Greg McKenna.
Starting on Thursday, the ITA, will run a series of monthly webinars throughout the year focussed on different aspects of one of the most complicated systems for elite athletes to understand: anti-doping. 
Biathletes and support personnel that are interested in the webinar should register here.
Topic: Set up for a successful year – Tips on navigating the anti-doping system
Registration link:
Event date:  Thursday,  January 28th, 14h-15h30 CET
Alexis Cooper, Director – Education, Sport Integrity Australia
Neville Wright OLY – Three-time Team Canada Olympian, bobsleigh
Olya Abasolo Ovtchinnikova OLY, ITA Education Manager