The BIU contributed another theoretical training session for athletes at a winter IBU-IOC development camp, held in Martell, Italy on 29 November to 3 December.

The session was a follow-up to one delivered at an IBU-IOC development camp in Antholz, Italy on 14 October.

The training camps are held for National Federations each year by the IBU, in conjunction with the IOC, with the aim of supporting them with both practical and theoretical knowledge and training.

A total of 19 male and 18 female athletes, representing 19 national federations, participated in the session at the training camp in Martell on 29 November.

The session focused on safeguarding, and comprised a basic introduction to the topic, followed by group work in which athletes discussed a series of case studies. 

The aim of the session was to inform athletes about their right to practise their sport in a safe environment and their responsibility to speak up if they witness or experience something that doesn’t look right.

Several coaches joined the session, showing that they understand the importance of the topic.

Dominik Windisch, a recently retired top athlete and now coach of youth athletes, concluded the session by giving some insights about the importance of establishing a good coach-athlete relationship and displaying respect for each other. He said: “As a coach, I try to have a good relationship with my athletes, but I also try to keep a certain distance and keep it always on the sport and don’t get too private. But I talk a lot to my athletes and try to build trust and a positive emotion within the team.”

The BIU plans to continue the collaboration with the IBU and IOC by delivering further education sessions at future development camps.