The BIU held a two-day workshop for National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) in Salzburg this week, as part of a long-term commitment to strengthening co-operation with its closest partners.

The goal of the workshop was to exchange experiences, discuss further sharing of resources and explore how to ensure that the quality of our anti-doping work remains high and identify any weaknesses in the system.

The fight against doping is not only about testing, as the BIU stressed during the workshop and in this podcast interview with Greg McKenna, head of the BIU.

Intelligence gathering and sharing information between organisations is just as important. And co-operation requires an understanding of how anti-doping systems work in other countries, including how NADOs work with law enforcement agencies in their countries.

The BIU will continue to hold regular workshops and meetings with its NADO partners, to ensure that our approach to the fight against doping is always led by intelligence and co-operation.