BIU produces new video warning against competition manipulation

In a new video, that will be distributed at this year’s Summer Biathlon World Championships in Ruhpolding, Germany on 25 to 28 August, the BIU is warning athletes and their entourages against the dangers of competition manipulation.

You can watch the video here:

Competition manipulation, sometimes called match-fixing, includes athletes deliberately underperforming or losing on purpose, or officials or coaches intentionally making bad decisions – usually in exchange for sporting advantage or money.

In order to avoid breaking competition manipulation rules, the video warns athletes and their entourages against:

      ·       Fixing the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any Biathlon competition, or accepting bribes or gifts to fix or change any aspect of the competition. 

      ·         Disclosing inside information, which is not publicly available, including factual information regarding competitors,  conditions, and tactical considerations. 

      ·         Betting on themselves or asking anyone to enter into any bet on any aspect of a Biathlon competition, or using or disclosing inside information for betting purposes.

If they are approached to fix a competition or provide inside information, athletes and their entourages must report it as soon as possible, the video continues. Not reporting could lead to consequences such as sanctions or bans.

The best ways to report an approach are:

Complete the form on the BIU website

  Email the BIU ( 

 Or call the BIU to leave a confidential message (+43 662 85505016)

Competition manipulation causes long-term damage to the reputation of those involved and to the sport of Biathlon in general, threatening the integrity of our sport.

If athletes or members of their entourage are found to have been involved in competition manipulation, they could be fined or banned from Biathlon. In some cases, a life ban could be imposed.

Addressing athletes directly, the video concludes:

      ·         Don’t fix competitions 

      ·         Don’t disclose inside information

      ·         Don’t bet on Biathlon

      ·         Report any knowledge or suspicions regarding competition manipulation

And always perform to the best of your abilities.