From the beginning of May 2023 all athletes that are part of the IBU’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP) will be required to obtain a Whereabouts Certificate by completing an online course.

Athletes in the RTP are those that are identified as the highest priority by the IBU at international level, and by their National Anti-Doping Organisations at national level. They are therefore subject to focused testing, for which they must provide quarterly Whereabouts information. This includes information about their overnight accommodation, regular activities and competition participation, which must be filed. through the ADAMS system.

The aim is to enable testing agencies to locate and test them without advance notice.

Athletes should beware of failing to provide accurate information about their Whereabouts location. This can include forgetting to update information already given, when moving from place to place.

Such errors are punishable by a ban of up to 12 months, if three are committed within a 12-month period.

The aim of the Certificate is to avoid such unnecessary errors when filing Whereabouts information. The online course can be found here.

The BIU has produced a video on submitting Whereabouts information, which can be viewed here.