The Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) is pleased to announce that it has collaborated with the International Testing Agency (ITA) to host a series of Webinars on Anti-Doping Education during the Biathlon off-season. 

The series of four 90-minute webinars, which will be available for biathletes and their support personnel via video conferencing platform Zoom, will take place on successive Tuesdays in late May and early June. The announcement of the sessions follows on from the ITA-held webinars that took place in January and February on the topics of Doping Control and how to navigate the anti-doping system.

This new four-session series will focus on: Registered Testing Pool athletes; anti-doping rights and responsibilities for all athletes; medications and supplements; and a dedicated session for coaches. 

All sessions will be interactive, offering quiz questions and plenty of opportunity for athletes and support personnel to ask questions and discuss the topics in real time. Following each session, a PDF slide presentation will be sent to all participants as a reference point and reminder of the key learnings. 

“The BIU is delighted to continue its association with the ITA to bring biathletes and their support members the very best in anti-doping education. Education is today one of the most significant, and continually growing, tenets of the global anti-doping rules, and so we believe it’s right we dedicate more time to ensuring biathletes and their teams have every opportunity to understand the rules, why they are in place and why doping is not the right course of action. We look forward to delivering these latest webinars alongside the ITA this summer,” said BIU Head, Greg McKenna.

Webinars will be provided in English with simultaneous translation in Russian. 

The Webinar sessions are scheduled as follows:

◦ Tuesday 18 May, 17.00 CET – Special Registered Testing Pool athletes session

◦ Tuesday 25 May, 17.00 CET – Anti-Doping Rights and responsibilities

◦ Tuesday 1 June, 17.00 CET – Medications and supplements

◦ Tuesday 8 June, 17.00 CET – Coaches session

To register, biathletes and others should visit the relevant link above.