What are the competencies of a National Anti-Doping Organisation and how do they compare with those of an Integrity Unit?

In our latest podcast interview, Linn Gustafsson, Anti-Doping Coordinator at Anti-Doping Sweden, and Lucie Rothauer, BIU Prevention Manager, discuss the roles of their respective organisations, and what a co-operation and co-ordination programme between the BIU and a NADO looks like.

In the podcast, Linn and Lucie explain how their organisations strive to complement each other through exchanging opinions and approaches in areas such as testing and test distribution plans, to avoid unnecessary double-testing.

They also work together to decide which athletes should be included in registered testing pools (RTPs), with the BIU benefiting from the NADO’s country-specific knowledge, and both organisations able to work more cost-effectively as a result of the co-operation.

With in-competition testing, Whereabouts and anti-doping education also at the centre of their co-ordination efforts, the BIU’s work with Anti-Doping Sweden is typical of the way in which the BIU co-operates with NADOs in the countries in which the sport of biathlon is practised.

To listen to the podcast, click here.