The BIU has made some important changes to its online platform for reporting wrongdoing in biathlon.

Among the changes, the platform has been made more user-friendly, including its availability in three languages: English, Russian and German. What’s more, you can reach us via telephone and email. Feel free to use BIU Reporting Hotlineyour own language when sending an email of submitting a report.

And it’s not just about doping. The hotline is open to report any suspected breaches of the IBU’s governance, ethics and integrity rules.

The platform plays a crucial role in the BIU’s campaign to ensure that biathlon is a fair, clean and trusted sport. We depend on everyone involved in the sport, from athletes to national federation officers, being prepared to make use of the hotline if they see or hear something that isn’t right.

You are our eyes and ears. Even the smallest piece of information can make a big difference in helping to ensure the integrity of biathlon.

And remember: if you make use of the hotline, your identity and the information you give us will remain strictly confidential.

To access the platform and hotline, and for more details, click here.