BIU stages athlete education activities at Youth and Junior World Championships

The BIU staged educational activities at the 2023 Youth and Junior World Championships, which took place in Shchuchinsk, Kazakhstan on 4 to 10 March.

Katharina Gatterer, the BIU’s Safeguarding and Education Officer, led the activities on-site, in collaboration with QAZ NADO, the local National Anti-Doping Organisation.

Anti-doping seminar

An anti-doping seminar for youth athletes was held on 6 March. The seminar was mainly targeted at youth athletes that were competing at a major event for the first time. The session comprised an introduction to anti-doping, including a discussion about fairness and the need for rules in sport, along with an explanation of the doping control procedure, finishing with a Kahoot quiz.

The seminar was well-attended, attracting about 90 athletes from 18 nations.

For many of the athletes, this was their first introduction to the anti-doping process; only a few already had experience of the doping control procedure.

Outreach booth

The BIU ran an outreach booth in the competition venue, together with QAZ NADO on 5 to 7 March.

The booth offered athletes the chance to complete WADA’s anti-doping quiz, while information handouts on anti-doping were also distributed. Katharina and two members from QAZ NADo were on hand to answer questions from athletes and team members.Good attendances were also recorded at the outreach booth, with 126 athletes and coaches from 30 different nations.

A link to the WADA quiz (available in 47 languages) can be found here.