A case resolution agreement between Mr Aleksey Volkov, the BIU, and WADA confirms that Mr Volkov committed an anti-doping rule violation by using a prohibited substance (fenoterol) in March 2013, in breach of Article 2.2 of the 2012 IBU Anti-Doping Rules.

 Fenoterol is a beta-2 agonist that was prohibited at all times under section S3 of WADA’s 2013 Prohibited List. Mr Volkov declared the use of Berotec (containing fenoterol) on his doping control form but did not have a therapeutic use exemption giving him permission to use fenoterol for therapeutic reasons.

 Two samples collected from Mr Volkov during the 2013 Russian Biathlon Championships held on 22-27 March 2013 in Uvat, Russia were sent to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory for testing. The Moscow laboratory reported that the samples had tested negative for prohibited substances. However, entries in the Moscow laboratory’s LIMS database indicated that both samples had actually tested positive on initial testing for fenoterol, but (in breach of WADA’s International Standard for Laboratories) no confirmation procedure was performed.

Mr Volkov has admitted the violation due to his use of Berotec in March 2013. He is subject to the following consequences for the violation:

  • Mr Volkov will serve a two-year period of ineligibility pursuant to Article 10.2 of the 2012 IBU Anti-Doping Rules. 
  • The results obtained by Mr Volkov at the 2013 Russian Biathlon Championships are disqualified in accordance with Articles 9.1 and 10.1 of the 2012 IBU Anti-Doping Rules, with all resulting consequences, including forfeiture of all medals, points, and prizes. 

In accordance with Article 10.8.2 of the 2021 IBU Anti-Doping Rules, the case resolution agreement constitutes a final decision that is not subject to appeal by any party.


About the Biathlon Integrity Unit:

– The Biathlon Integrity Unit (BIU) is an operationally independent Unit, which manages all doping and other integrity-related matters for the sport of Biathlon.

– The Unit’s remit includes anti-doping, the pursuit of individuals engaged in competition results manipulation, bribery, breaches of betting rules, and any other violation under the IBU Integrity Code.

– It is the BIU’s vision to ensure Biathlon is a fair, clean and trusted sport. The Unit will strive to earn the confidence, respect and support of both the Biathlon Family and wider sporting community.