Who are we and what do we do? BIU launches new video explaining its mission

The BIU has launched a new video that explains what it is, how it works and how it can help athletes and all members of the Biathlon Family.

The video can be viewed here.

The video explains that the goal of the BIU, which was set up over two years ago, is to create a safe and fair environment for everybody involved in Biathlon.

To achieve this, the BIU:

·         has an established team of experts in investigation, data handling, education and prevention, and anti-doping processes;

·         takes responsibility for combating doping and results manipulation, and for all other integrity-related matters;

·         is operationally independent from the International Biathlon Union, which means it is not influenced by those involved in running Biathlon. The focus of the BIU’s decision-making is to ensure the safety of those involved in Biathlon and to maintain the integrity of the sport.

What’s next for the BIU? The video explains that the Unit:

·         wants to improve its understanding of the issues confronting Biathlon;

·         wants to ensure that the Biathlon Family has full trust in the BIU and its work;

·         wants to prevent any member of the Biathlon Family from committing violations.

The video says that the BIU aims to get there:

·         by being available to offer advice to all members of the Biathon Family: through its website; by telephone; via its secure whistleblowing portal; or in person at one of its events;

·         by spending time understanding the Biathlon community’s concerns and answering their questions;

·         by using the feedback from all involved in Biathlon to improve its communications, education and investigation programmes.

The video concludes that integrity is a team game, and urges all involved in the sport to work together to protect the Biathlon Family.

Greg McKenna, Head of the BIU, said: “More than two years into our mandate, we took the decision that it was time to remind the Biathlon Family of our mission, by restating our goals and displaying the roadmap we’re using to reach our destination.

“It’s important to stress that we’re not there yet. Integrity in sport is a constantly-evolving issue and only by engaging with all members of the Biathlon Family can we ensure that all of Biathlon’s stakeholders can have confidence that ethical issues in our sport are being addressed independently and expertly.”